Strategic plan to sell home in 2019

The right timing

The property market tends to hibernate throughout January, which creates challenges and opportunities for vendors.

While activity is slower in January, listing early in the year can give vendors a jump start.

Most vendors are advised by their agent to come on after Australia Day. But we tend to find there are buyers in early or mid-January who are looking to buy.

You need to be strategic and sell your property when there isn’t as much for sale, and try and position yourself to enter when more is coming on the market.

Find local expert

Vendors planning a sale in the new year should start choosing an agent well before the Christmas break.

Owners should identify local agents with the best results adding that in the current market it’s the expert negotiators and achieving results.



Presentation, presentation…

Start to have discussions about what adds value to the property. Vendors can use the agents’ network of tradespeople to whip their property into shape or use the stylist to show the best of a home.

For smaller jobs, consider getting your hands dirty over the holidays. These jobs might involve re-painting small areas or tiding up the gardens and pulling out weeds.

Get your photographs done before the gardens start drying out.

Put yourself in buyers’ shoes

It’s very important for the vendors to be providing as much information about the property and any improvements they’ve done.

This can mean providing a building and pest inspection report to potential buyers, as well as evidence that renovations have approval.

Vendor can have a very well-presented house but if he’/she doesn’t have a legal extension, buyers and their conveyancers are going to be very risk averse.

*based on Daniel Butkovich and Domain article

Posted in News on 3rd December, 2018