Selling FAQ

How long will the sale process take?

That depends largely on several factors, current market conditions can greatly affect the time it takes to complete a sale of property in Sydney, and other factors are price expectations, presentation, marketing plan and method of sale.

At PropertyNest, before we give advice, we research several factors surrounding the sale of your property thoroughly. These include, recent sales to benchmark your home against, the amount of competition there is to your property, the current market climate, and what your desired outcomes are. 

When we have an accurate understanding of all these factors we will tailor a sales and marketing strategy that will provide you property the best chance of a successful result. We will advise you of potential improvements that could be made to increase your profit and what is the best method of sale for a property like yours.

How can I improve the appeal of my house to buyers?

This is a great question and one that we spend a significant amount of time discussing in our appraisal process.  When selling a property for maximum profit, it is important to present the home in such a way that will appeal to the maximum number of buyers, increasing the amount of competition for your property.

During the appraisal and planning stages of your sale, your PropertyNest Agent will discuss with you suggestions on presentation and if necessary can bring in our property stylist to help you make over the property in preparation for the sale.

What repairs or renovations should I do before I sell?

There are a number of factors that make a home more sellable, these depend greatly on the maintenance the home has had and on its age.

When meeting with potential sellers we undertake a process of analysis which includes what are the property’s best uses, unique features and best highlights. At this point we offer a comprehensive list of suggested repairs that will enhance and improve the property and its appeal to the market.

Is it worth getting my home styled?

Another great question, and one that requires some consideration. Each property is different and therefore will require varying levels preparation for sale. When selling a property for maximum profit the key is not to settle for the first decent offer you receive but rather to create competition amongst the buyers.

Styling is a key ingredient to creating appeal to buyers. When selling a property it’s often said your not selling a property, but rather a lifestyle. Home styling can greatly increase the appeal of a property resulting in more inquiries, inspections and offers.

Should I auction my property?

An auction, done correctly, can outperform negotiation sales methods enormously. The problem is that very few agents are truly auction specialists. There are certain types of properties that are more suited to the auction method of sale, and we can advise you of your property’s best selling method during our appraisal meeting.

The key benefits to the auction selling method are:

  • A clear and defined timeline for the sale to take place.
  • A benchmark reserve price is set for the sale.
  • A comprehensive marketing strategy is undertaken to attract the maximum number of suitable buyers.
  • An open and transparent competitive bidding process ensures the maximum price is achieved.

If you would like to know more about the auction selling method contact us for a confidential discussion about your property’s suitability for this method of sale.

How do PropertyNest create a premium sales price?

Achieving a premium price takes time, dedication, service and the right advice. Selling property over the past 17 years in Sydney through booms, contractions and the GFC has taught me that property presentation and a comprehensive marketing campaign are key features to a successful sales strategy. But equally important is the service an agent can provide your potential buyers, the strategies they have in place to assist buyers to make informed decisions and the assistance they can provide in qualifying them for homes loans.

The purchase process is a daunting one and even many experienced buyers only undertake this process a few times in their lives. Providing quality sales service, being contactable and trust worthy will ensure that the buyers place a higher value on the PropertyNest property for sale over the competition.

What is the best way to market my home?

Property marketing is one of the most under utilised tools when it comes to selling property in Sydney. This is set to change drastically in the future, as more property becomes available achieving suitable inquiry and inspections rates will become crucial in achieving premium sales.

One of our strategies uses multiple mediums to attract attention from suitable buyers and lead them to firstly inquire & engage with the property, then convert them to inspect the property. This is achieved through various mediums including, video, images, social media and mainstream media.

One of our simple but effective methods includes a high quality information fact sheet about the property that is given to all buyers who inspect the property including the best features of the property, all relevant information, floor plans, inclusions in the sale and the most recent and relevant sales. Thus making it easy for buyers to seriously consider putting in an offer on the spot.

When is the best time to sell?

This is heavily reliant on your personal situation. The property should be prepared 12 weeks before you need a sale, on the market 4 weeks before you need an exchange and 10 weeks before you need the money or equity to be available.

The best time to put your property on the market is often when there is the least amount of competition. If you want to know more about the best time to sell your type of property in your suburb contact us for a private and confidential strategy meeting.

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