Project Sydney: Olympic Park Will Be Our New Golden Mini-City

SYDNEY Olympic Park will be transformed into a 24/7 mini-city within 14 years — with 45-storey residential towers, a thriving shopping/cafe precinct, 17,000 new jobs and 10 times its current population.

2030 Master Plan for Olympic Park shows that it will become a centre for Sydneysiders to live, work and play in.

Revelations of the changes at Olympic Park come as The Daily Telegraph today launches Project ­Sydney, an editorial campaign aimed at encouraging long-term thinking in planning a better city.

This new lease of life for the precinct guarantees the long-term legacy of the home of the Sydney Olympics 16 years after the Games ended.

While it has remained the home of many of Sydney’s major events, including the State of Origin, Royal Easter Show and NRL Grand Final, it has struggled for a greater purpose.

The redevelopment will supercharge the pre- and post-event experience at Olympic Park’s major venues with new bars, cafes and shops, while also becoming a permanent residential hub.

Posted in News, Sell on 3rd October, 2018