How to – style outdoor area?

It’s no secret Australians love outdoor living spaces, so we must really get these spaces right before hitting the market.

Whether you have a small or large outdoor space to work with, it’s important that you showcase it by creating the perfect outdoor oasis. More than ever, people look at decks and verandas as extensions of their homes that get used every day for entertaining and family life – and maximising this area is one of the most effective ways to add value to your property. This time agent Stevan Vuk-Luboya shares tips how to maximise outdoor area.

A styling tip: Think strategically about the outdoor spaces your home offers, and create clever, zoned living spaces – distinct dining areas, lounge areas and extra sitting nooks. In some cases, this will double the overall living space your home, and buyers will love this!

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Posted in Latest news, News, Rent, Sell on 14th August, 2019