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How to – style outdoor area?

It’s no secret Australians love outdoor living spaces, so we must really get these spaces right before hitting the market. Whether you have a small or large outdoor space to work with, it’s important that you showcase it by creating the perfect outdoor oasis. More than ever, people look at decks and verandas as extensions of their homes that get used every day for entertaining and family life – and maximising this area is one of the most effective ways to add value to your property. This time agent Stevan Vuk-Luboya shares tips how to maximise outdoor area. A styling tip: Think strategically about the outdoor spaces... View article »
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The Benefits of Negative Gearing

What is negative gearing? To understand negative gearing, it is best to get back to basics. Gearing means to borrow money to make an investment and investors tend to positively, negatively or neutrally gear properties. Positively geared properties are when the rent you earn exceeds amount of interest and outgoings payable. In other words, you make a profit. Neutrally geared is where the rent equals your interest payments and outgoings. Negative gearing is where your rental income doesn’t cover the cost of repayments and outgoings and you need to supplement from your salary or other income in order to meet your financial obligations... View article »
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How to achieve rental growth

It’s no secret that the rental market in some parts of the country is sluggish. But just because some areas are performing below average it doesn’t mean that investors can’t achieve rental growth. The truth of the matter is that you can manufacture higher rents no matter what the market is doing. Well, let’s take a look at four of the strategies to get your tenant to pay more rent. 1. Renovation There are a number of simple renovations that you can undertake to increase your property’s appeal to renters and owner-occupiers alike. And by completing a few easy renos, you’d be... View article »
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Property price decline ahead of ALP negative gearing policy implementation

The NSW government is predicting a small reduction in house prices ahead of any implementation of the ALP's negative gearing policy, should Bill Shoten win office this month.It also expects a decrease in stamp duty revenue of $194 million over three years to NSW Treasury if the ALP is elected and successfully implements its controversial policy ending negative gearing. NSW Treasury modelling claims that transfer duty would decrease by 0.8 to 1.3 per cent in the three years to 2022-23 if Mr Shorten’s policy to stop negative gearing and increase capital gains tax for the purchase of existing properties, goes ahead... View article »
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Questions & Answers Round 4

This week agent Stevan Vuk-Luboya is talking about investors. You asked, we answered! 1. "What are your legal rights as an investor?" 2. What actions should you take if you planing on selling your investment property which is currently tenanted?" [caption id="attachment_1655" align="alignnone" width="700"] If you have a question and would like Stevan to answer it, please submit to or simply via Online form[/caption] View article »
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Questions & Answers Round 2

Property Nest has launched Questions & Answers last week, and today we are sharing Round 2. In this video, Agent Stevan Vuk-Luboya answer to these questions: 1. How do you compare last downturn in 2011-2012 with the current property downturn? 2. What buyers are looking for in current market? 3. What advise could you give to property investors? 4. What are the challengers for motivated sellers? If you have a question and would like Stevan to answer it, please submit to or simply via Online form here:  View article »
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What the Growth of Western Sydney Teaches Us About Investing Into Property

Throughout 2018, Australia’s population hit a milestone of 25 million, years ahead of the expectations of the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Strong levels of overseas migration and a robust health system saw our nation’s population grow faster than the majority of the OECD. Since 2000, our countries population has added the equivalent to the whole population of Queensland and this growth is still apparent today, with the ABS estimating Australia adds a new residents every 83 seconds. Possibly the biggest success story over this period in terms of property, was the growth of the Western Sydney market. A region that was... View article »
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How Labor’s proposed tax reforms are effecting property investors

Investors should try to seal their property purchases before January 1 to lock in existing negative gearing tax breaks and capital gains tax discount rather than buy "riskier" newly-built property under Labor's proposed tax reforms, say financial advisers. Jonathan Philpot, a partner at accountants HLB Mann Judd, said investors "still had time" to acquire negatively-geared existing property if they wanted to build their wealth that way. "But they have to get their acts into gear now because it's a tougher process with the banks to get loans approved," he said. Mr Philpot discouraged investors from holding off and investing in riskier newly-built property... View article »
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Ask Agent Stevan A Question About Real Estate

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Less than 5% of homes in negative equity, says RBA

Only five percent of homes are in negative equity, the RBA Governor Philip Lowe advised in his speech to the AFR Business Summit. "Our estimate is that currently, less than five percent of indebted owner-occupier households have negative equity, and the vast bulk of these households continue to meet their mortgage obligations," Lowe said. "The nature of Australian mortgages – in which there is an incentive to make prepayments – has also helped," Lowe added. Lowe expects a further tightening of the labour market, which will see a gradual increase in wages growth and faster income growth. "This should provide a counterweight to the effect on... View article »
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