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Tenant Checking & Approval

We stringently check and vet tenants including a 100 point system similar to that used by banks. In addition, we check the national database of the Tenant Reference Australia which have links to other credit control agencies, we actively contact all referees and employment to ensure that we attract and retain the perfect tenants.Once we have found great tenant we look after them ensuring that they stay in your property for longer minimising any vacancy.


We adopt a strict process to ensure that arrears do not become an issue, in most cases we will require tenants to adopt a direct debit process ensuring rent is collected automatically, giving them and the landlord peace of mind. As a last resort, leases in arrears are terminated on day 15 of non-payment, but careful monitoring and personal contact with tenants generally prevents any arrears issues arising.

We are BIG on the details of managing you property Landlords can be paid monthly or fortnightly, and choose to pay an annual subscription fee which gives them all or our service and experience with no extra charges, improving their properties profit and return, PropertyNest also offers sound commercial advice on all aspects of your property management including issues such as Landlord Insurance. We are accredited with the Real Estate Institute.?

Property Reviews and Tenancy Up-Keep

Property Investment for most is a long term investment strategy, so every year, we will conduct an ‘annual property health check’ of sorts, reviewing the return, the tenancy and tenants, the condition of the property, its current market value, and comparing market trends and rents. We will investigate and suggest improvements that will add capital growth and rental return as part of our long term commitment to your property profit.

At PropertyNest, you will benefit from extensive experience that we have gained from years of real estate experience and our team focus, every team member is available to you as your needs arise. ?
Making Management of your Property Easy and Effective

The team at PropertyNest Management Services are focussed on your goals implementing the most efficient strategy to deliver the best possible profit for your investment dollar.

As an investor, you require the day-to-day management of your property to be handled with professionalism, enthusiasm, transparency and commercial acumen. From repairs and maintenance, to tenant checking and monthly statements, Our fine-tuned service will benefit you.


Realising the highest Potential of your Property

Our team can achieve the highest rate or return on your investment by achieving the optimal rental figure for every property me manage. Achieving optimum rent means accurate knowledge of the market and having the skills to negotiate the best possible rental rate. We monitor and report the market and initiating appropriate rental reviews on your behalf.

Minimise Vacancy

Minimising vacancy maximises the return on your investment. To achieve minimum vacancy rates we maintain active data base of tenants and their situations, constantly farm for clients moving to the area, resign existing tenants to fixed term leases and market properties before they become vacant.

Tapping into Tenancy Supply

In addition to advertising properties in the press, on the Internet and through alliances and relocation specialists, PropertyNest actively recruits new tenants though our social media channels & community connections and relationships.


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