Time to Sydney CBD, NSW

Train 1h
Car 27 mins
Walking 2.20h
Cycling 0.50h

Cabarita, on the Parramatta River, is a suburb of Sydney, Australia. At its northern tip, Cabarita Park is home to WWII memorials and the wooden Federation Pavilion, built in 1901. The park also includes playgrounds and the Cabarita Swimming Centre, with an outdoor pool. Nearby, Sydney Harbour ferries depart from Cabarita Wharf. To the south, Prince Edward Park has a rotunda that overlooks Hen and Chicken Bay.

Waterfront location
Cabarita is home to a small neighbourhood centre and waterside dining and recreation facilities. Cabarita Shopping Village offers residents and visitors convenience shopping for everyday need including groceries, pharmacy and a well stocked cellar.
Within walking distance of the Cabarita Shopping Village are two significant waterside parks, Cabarita and Prince Edward Parks, both providing water edge dining. In addition, Cabarita Swimming Centre and d’Albora Marina are located within Cabarita Park.

Median property price
Cabarita 2137

$950 pw

$800 pw