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This freehold property is directly opposite Guildford Railway Station on the eastern side of Railway Terrace. The location offers excellent access to public transport and amenity and is situated 1km from Woodville Rd which directly connects with the M4 and the M5 Motorways and only 6km from the Parramatta CBD.

Property Description
2 level double brick building
Single level ground floor garageshedwarehouse
Concrete yard

Building Area Commercialresidential Building 460m2
Garage Shed 245m2
Zoning B4 Mixed Use

The improvements comprise of a twolevel building with an internal area of 460m2, which are both mostly open plan floor area. A shed warehouse garage sits at the rear of the property enclosing 245m2. A

Ground floor 230m2
Level 1 230m2
Warehouseshed 245m2
Total 705m2
Yard 195m2

The building is constructed in double brick with the first floor being a suspended concrete slab. Aluminium framed floor to ceiling windows adorn both levels on the front faade and the northern side of the building. Two 2 separate ground floor entry doors on Railway Terrace allow the ground floor and level one to remain independent of the other. The southern door opens to an internal staircase that allows independent access up to level 1. The entry door midway along the building accesses the ground floor. An lockable internal door on the ground level has the ability to access the ground floor staircase if required and would allow internal access between both levels
Price: E.O.I | Stevan Vuk-Luboya

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