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Sydney house prices record largest annual gain since 2017 peak

Sydney’s property market is well and truly on its way back up, with the latest data revealing house prices grew in every single region of Sydney during 2019. The market recorded its first annual gain since the boom ended in 2017, continuing its extraordinary recovery which experts say could break price records by the middle of this year. The latest Domain House Price Report, released on Thursday, showed the city’s median house price regained another $73,000 – an increase of 6.8 per cent – in the 12 months ending December 2019, reaching a new median of $1,142,212. At the same time, unit... View article »
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New vs Old – What Offers More to Investors?

Naivety to the rules of the real estate market can often drive the first time buyer to believe that cheaper properties make a better investment. The idea is that they are getting a better deal because they are paying less. In reality, when you take a closer look into what you’re purchasing it becomes evident that nothing comes without a price and if something seems too good to be true (or too cheap to be true) it probably is. Let’s have a look at day to day differences of new and old property for investors, and observe why new property wins... View article »
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Interior trends 2020: Mindful urban living

In the fast-paced world of an always-on culture, we see people struggling to find ways to disconnect. In 2020, increasingly dense urban environments continue to push the rental prices up, while the square footage of the newly built apartments continues to shrink. But while the space might be at a premium, the importance of creating a properly balanced home sanctuary inflates. We become aware of the significance of creating a healthy and nurturing environment for us to withdraw and recuperate. Following the footsteps of the previous seasons, home crafters are continuously turning away from the fast-fashion industry and prioritizing investments in... View article »
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What’s ahead in Sydney property market?

The turn in Australia’s housing markets has been remarkable, with the rebound in prices considerably stronger than many expected. What’s ahead? House prices across all our capital cities are expected to grow over 2020/21. The combination of lower interest rates, easing lending serviceability buffers and increased consumer sentiment is expected to bring more buyers back into the market.   Continued strong population growth will be another key driver supporting our property markets. Net overseas migration is forecast to average a net inflow of 243,000 people per annum in the next 3 years and most of these people have jobs and are at household... View article »
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