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Home Ownership Drops In 22 Countries Globally, except Australia

While home ownership rates are dropping around the world, Australia is bucking this global trend. A study by Swinton Insurance has revealed that the number of people owning their homes in Australia has increased in the last 10 years. The figures may seem surprising, as house prices in Australia have been climbing for a few years. And with our national property markets having bottomed out earlier this year, there now seems to be a fear of missing out among buyers once again, especially in Melbourne Sydney and Brisbane. Swinton’s research shows that the average monthly Australian salary is $4368.66 and the cost to buy... View article »
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The value gap between capital cities is widening

Spurred on by a rise in national dwelling values after a long period of decline, property values around Australia are now up 4.7% since finding a floor in June through to the end of November. While Sydney has long been the most expensive capital city housing market, there was a short period in 2006 which was related to the mining boom where Perth values shot up to be the highest of any capital; a very different scenario to what we are now seeing where Perth is now the cheapest capital city based on median house values. To put this into perspective, the... View article »
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