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How to achieve rental growth

It’s no secret that the rental market in some parts of the country is sluggish. But just because some areas are performing below average it doesn’t mean that investors can’t achieve rental growth. The truth of the matter is that you can manufacture higher rents no matter what the market is doing. Well, let’s take a look at four of the strategies to get your tenant to pay more rent. 1. Renovation There are a number of simple renovations that you can undertake to increase your property’s appeal to renters and owner-occupiers alike. And by completing a few easy renos, you’d be... View article »
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Fear and Investment Properties

Research conducted by associates of Cornell University suggests that as humans we make approximately 35,000 decisions each day. The importance of each ranges widely from what to eat in the morning, right up to life changing decisions such as who to marry and where to live. As a result, effective decision making can be one of the most important skills a person will ever learn. Fear is the death of logic and often acts as a negative motivator. Overcoming fear is a practice that is critical when investing. Your choices around where and what to purchase should be based on knowledge... View article »
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Sydney and Melbourne auction sales hit year highs

Sydney and Melbourne property markets had their strongest auction performance in more than a year, following a period of declining property prices and sluggish sales. The return of confidence has been credited to multiple factors including cheaper borrowing due to an interest rate cut, and the preservation of negative gearing and capital gains concessions following the federal election. Commentators say if strong auctions numbers continue, it may indicate that declines in Sydney and Melbourne markets have run their course. After a prolonged period of decline in Sydney and Melbourne – which saw real prices fall 16.5% and 11.8% respectively from their recent peaks... View article »
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Property Nest Questions & Answers Round 7: Serious Buyers

With more buyer and seller confidence returning to the market, this week agent Stevan shares a “To Do List for Serious Buyers”. Have your finance approved. Choose reputable agent. Do suburb due diligence. Ask yourself, how long are you planning to live in a property? Have a question about Property market? Send it to or simply via Online form and watch your question answered in a next episode.   View article »
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How RBA interest rate cut will affect property market?

The Reserve Bank’s cut to official interest rates is set to offer a boost to the weak property market, as experts look towards the bottom of recent price falls. But within an hour of the decision on Tuesday, ANZ declined to pass on the full rate cut to borrowers, instead reducing rates by only 18 basis points and acknowledging some customers would be “disappointed”. Commonwealth Bank and NAB will pass on the 25 basis point cut to both owner-occupiers and investors. The central bank cut the cash rate to a historically low 1.25 per cent, from 1.5 per cent previously – its first... View article »
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