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2019 Kitchen Design Trends

2019 kitchen design trends are well and truly making their presence known. And what I can assure you of is that these new styles are quite different to the kitchen looks of years gone by. Get Ready: We’re going Minimal It looks as though kitchens in 2019 are going to be stripped back a little. The idea is to completely declutter this zone so that the permanent materials in the space are the show-stoppers. Not only will countertops be clean, but splashbacks will be less impactful too. This is all about an appreciation of base materials, so crazy pendant lights are out, cabinetry... View article »
Posted in News on 18th December, 2018

How to minimise risk when letting property for short-term/holiday

More than 140,000 householders and investors who list their houses and apartments on short-stay rental websites over the summer holidays could be placing their assets and their financial stability at risk, according to the Insurance Council of Australia’s Understand Insurance initiative. Lisa Kable, spokesperson says householders who offer their houses or apartments on short-term holiday rental websites are likely to find they are not adequately protected by home and contents insurance. “We conservatively estimate more than 140,000 properties that are usually either owner occupied or rented out long-term will be listed for short-term rentals these holidays." “However, owners may not realise that most... View article »
Posted in Manage, News on 17th December, 2018

What if property is damaged before settlement?

[caption id="attachment_1307" align="alignleft" width="700"] Falling tree after heavy storms[/caption] This article explores the legal position of a purchaser and vendor when a property that is the subject of a sale is damaged after exchange of contracts but before settlement. The information in this article is equally relevant to both parties involved in a residential conveyancing transaction. The passing of risk The time that risk passes between a vendor and purchaser is the key to determining the parties’ rights if the property is damaged between exchange of contracts and settlement. The Conveyancing Act 1919 (NSW) (the ‘Act’) provides that risk for a residential property under... View article »
Posted in Buy, News on 13th December, 2018

Tenant legal rights in NSW

More Australians are renting than ever before – in many areas of Sydney more than half of households are tenants. As this number has increased, so too have calls for increased rental protections and tenancy rights. Here’s what you need to know if you’re renting in Australia. Repairs In the case of urgent repairs – that is, ones that pose a danger or significant inconvenience – a landlord must respond immediately once you raise a concern. These include things like blocked or broken toilet, gas leak, dangerous electrical fault, flooding and burst water service. Non-urgent repairs are required to be carried out by your landlord as necessary... View article »
Posted in Manage, News on 10th December, 2018

Strategic plan to sell home in 2019

The right timing The property market tends to hibernate throughout January, which creates challenges and opportunities for vendors. While activity is slower in January, listing early in the year can give vendors a jump start. Most vendors are advised by their agent to come on after Australia Day. But we tend to find there are buyers in early or mid-January who are looking to buy. You need to be strategic and sell your property when there isn’t as much for sale, and try and position yourself to enter when more is coming on the market. Find local expert Vendors planning a sale in the new year... View article »
Posted in News on 3rd December, 2018