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Reserve Bank of Australia shows confidence of Australia’s Economic Future

While consumption growth is still identified as a source of uncertainty, the Board expects it to remain around the 3% level over the next few years that we have seen recently. Household disposable income growth is also forecast to increase at that rate. NOTICABLE WAGE GROWTH It is noted that there has been a noticeable pick-up in wages growth in most advanced economies, and Australia requires “a gradual increase in wages growth for inflation to be sustainably within the target range”. GDP growth and labour market conditions had been stronger than the Bank had expected over the last twelve months. Accordingly, the forecast... View article »
Posted in News on 22nd November, 2018

Curious questions to ask Real Estate Agent when buying a property

The selling agent is your key point of contact throughout the process, and may hold more information about the property than can be gleaned from the listing or an inspection. Who owns the property and what’s their story? To hear about past joys that had taken place there and how they felt about the property brings feeling of real and makes the whole thing very satisfying. It’s great to hear which features owners particularly loved, and understand the house even more. It makes it a richer experience that will certainly benefit when making a decision. What do you think... View article »
Posted in News on 13th November, 2018

Real Estate October Market Update Postcode 2127

With credit availability remaining tight and rising inventory levels, we are expecting there will be further downwards pressure on housing values as we move through spring and into summer and the New Year. View article »
Posted in News on 12th November, 2018

Real Estate Market Update Postcode 2127

October 2018 ‘Around the Bay’ report for postcode 2127. Citing tighter credit conditions as a contributor to slower housing activity and lower dwelling values across Australia, CoreLogic head of research Tim Lawless said, “the latest results take the annual decline across the national index to 3.5%, signaling the weakest macro-housing market conditions since February 2012, with our hedonic home value index reporting a 0.5% fall in dwelling values nationally in October.” RECENT SALES Sydney Olympic Park 1 Sale - Undisclosed Newington  7 Sales Highest $900,000 - 3 Br Apartment Lowest $705,000 - 2 Br Apartment Wentworth Point  17 sales Highest - $1,189,000 - 3 Br Apartment Lowest - $590,000 - 1 Br Apartment Overall  25 Sales $14,930,000   Over-view of the market Citing... View article »
Posted in Buy, Manage, News on 8th November, 2018